A Smile for Lebanon

Monday, March 13, 2023

Hansjörg Eberle


Our club has been supporting a dental clinic in a public school in Saida, Lebanon since November 2020. This has been a hugely successful project implemented by our partner, Rotary Club Tripoli Cosmopolis.

Our club has decided to build on this success to expand the initiative and to provide dental health to kids not only in Saida, but in Tripoli as well. To do so, we will use a mobile clinic - Imagine a dentist that drives from school to school in a van !

To raise the required USD 129 000, we have opened a new Global Grant Application - GG2342056 for 'A smile for Lebanon: Children's dental health'. At this stage, 118 000 have already been raised. We are now looking for the last 11 000 to submit this Global Grant application to the Rotary Foundation.

è For more information, have a look at the presentation here.

è To donate to 'A Smile for Lebanon', please click here.

To contact the project committee, please contact Hansjörg Eberle of RC Genève International or Rym Dada-Husseini of RC Tripoli Cosmopolis.




Poster used at the Rotary Institute in Basle in November 2022