Dental project in Saida, Lebanon

Monday, July 26, 2021

Hansjörg Eberle

In November 2020, our club together with the RC Illnau-Effretikon have decided to support a dental project in Saida. The aim is to allow kids of poor families to get free dental care. This project is being implemented by our Twin Club Tripoli Cosmopolis.
Due to the different wars that have hit the country, Lebanon has been facing many poli;cal and economical problems that led to its deteriorated situa;on. The Lebanese economic growth, slowing since 2011, has experienced a sharp deprecia;on in 2019, economic difficul;es mixed with a poli;cal crisis and nourishing virulent social demands. The situa;on has worsened since October 2019, with thousands of jobs having been lost, businesses closing and poverty increasing.

Dr. Jaoudat Dada, a professional dental surgeon from Saida and a former school children of the Makassed school who runs Aisha school, wanted to contribute and help his community and those children from impoverished neighborhoods. He established in 2014 a dental clinic in Aisha school that offers free full dental care mainly for school children and school employees and teachers.

The primary school children aged between 6 and 12, get a free check-up. All school children in the sixth grade will have their teeth treated before leaving school and will always remember us with a healthy smile.

Contacts:Rym Dada-Husseini, RC Tripoli Cosmopolis, rymdada@gmail.comHansjörg Eberle, RC Genève International,

Example of collaboration with our Twin club, Rotary Club Tripoli Cosmopolis