Peace and conflict prevention: what role for Rotaract ?

Wednesday, February 15, 2023 18:15-19:00, L'ESPACE - 1, Rue du 23-Août - Genève

February: Peace-building and conflict prevention month

Conference open to the public. Rotarians, Rotaractors and their friends are welcome to attend.

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L'ESPACE, 1 Rue du 23-Août, 1205 Geneva
Open building, simple signposted route (20m from the entrance)

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Peace and conflict prevention: what role for Rotaract?

When it comes to peace, we have no shortage of fine words. But where are the deeds? Peace is multi-faceted and is often understood simply as the absence of war. However, long-term stability is necessary to ensure peace. Stability in politics, health care, democracy, the economy, education and others are needed to prevent social conflicts. Every time there is an economic crisis, conflicts flare up. 

In February 2023 the open war between Russia and Ukraine will already be a year old. Let’s not forget that one year is very short compared to other conflicts that have been going on for years. We tend to forget about them, because they are further away from Europe, like the conflict in Yemen, Ethiopia, Syria or South America. There are currently 32 open conflicts in the world. Ukraine is close to us, also by its culture. This proximity perhaps brutally reminds us of the fragility of peace, bringing back memories of the Balkan conflict.

For many, Peace is something abstract, somewhat diffuse, intangible. It is not like polio vaccination, which allows us to count the number of people vaccinated and gives a precise figure. Nor is it like the strategic axes of water, education, maternal and child health. Peace is not just the absence of war, the definition is more complex: it is especially once the guns fall silent that the real work of peace begins. The aim is to achieve a positive peace rebuilding society and its governing systems including education, infrastructure, democracy. 

Rotarians are people of action, and we must engage in peace and conflict resolution. Let’s have a good look at the way we can foster positive peace within us, in our families, with neighbours, colleagues and fellow citizens. 

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Sibylle Rupprecht is a lecturer, trainer and a certified coach. She is a mentor at the Cherie Blair Foundation, she teaches and trains in different training institutes. Today, Sibylle works mostly as a relationship coach. She studied management of international organizations at the University of Fribourg and holds an executive certificate in international advocacy from the Graduate Institute in Geneva, she is certified in human behaviour analysis as well as relationship and intimacy coaching.

A Rotarian for over 10 years already, Sibylle is a founding member of Rotary Club Genève International. She has been involved in many different projects within Rotary and held a number of functions. She is a founding member and president of the Swiss/Liechtenstein Rotary Action Group for Peace. Passionate about peace, she chaired the last two Rotarian Peace Projects Incubators. She was key to designing and executing this important international event during which Rotary Peace Fellows could present their projects. Sibylle is also a member of the ICC Switzerland-Morocco. Sibylle Rupprecht was appointed by Rotary International as the representative to the United Nations Geneva.


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