Safi -- Equipping the Next Generation for a Greener Tanzania

Saturday, July 31, 2021

This project will build on past environmental initiatives taken by Rotary Club Oysterbay and Nipe Fagio in Dar ess Salaam. Those initiatives uncovered two important learnings, i.e. that a focus on secondary school students can be sustainable, and more practical training and strategies are required for students.   

Therefore, we propose to strengthen existing environmental clubs and establish new ones in 150 secondary schools among 2,500 students.  The project will deliver learning strategies that involve students in practical tasks and motivate them to learn and apply circular economy and ‘waste hierarchy’ concepts. They will learn how to keep their school safer, and inspire change among their peers and communities. Our approaches will include knowledge exchange such as debates with other schools, field trips, practical activities (e.g. tree planting, cleanups), and pre- post-initiative tests. This project will inspire students to become more interested in environmental protection and provide teachers and schools with opportunities to learn about various ways to engage their students in environmental education.


Projects Sustainability

The sustainability of the project is ensured by: 1) providing student environmental clubs with hand-on and practical experiences that allows them to perform activities on their own beyond the timelines of the project; 2) equipping environmental teachers per school with various strategies and sessions to engage their students in environmental education; 3) conducting monitoring and evaluation of the project three months after the project is finished in each school; and 4) fostering additional government and school support on environmental education.


For more information, contact: Greg Garrett

*Safi is Swahili for ‘fresh’.

Capacitation of 2,500 secondary school students with hands on environmental knowledge