Nano-WATA: Producing locally drinkable water

Thursday, March 18, 2021 19:00 - 22:00 , InterContinental Hotel Geneva
Speakers: Ms. Mariana Veauvy is French-Brazilian with a scientific background (Master’s in Marine Biotechnology).

After working in technology transfer for developing countries, Ms. Veauvy has joined Antenna Foundation for 5 years now. She is currently in charge of new technologies and coordinating of the Research projects for of Antenna  Foundation. The founder & CEO of the Antenna Foundation (which includes the Ariana Foundation), Denis Von Der Weid, will accompany Ms. Veauvy will be co-delivering this presentation.

The NanoWata device can turn brine into chlorine via electrolysis. It is small, economic and automated. It is the smallest of all Wata devices developed by the Antenna foundation, geared towards domestic applications, schools and small health centers in remote locations. To produce chlorine, the user fills the NanoWata with 80ml of brine and closes the device. Its USB outlet can be plugged into most phone chargers. A green LED indicates that the device in working. After approximately 20min, the device automatically stops when the target chlorine concentration is reached. And the LED starts to blink to indicate that the process is complete.

The concentrated chlorine obtained can be used directly to disinfect contaminated surfaces in hospitals. It can also be diluted and used as a regular surface disinfection agent for domestic applications. A single productions is enough for the chlorination over 250 litres of unsafe drinking water. Its closed and compact design is ideal for the use in schools, to convey important notions about hygiene and water safety.

The goal of this project is to reach communities that can’t be reached by larger WATA devices and fight the spread of water born infectious disease like diarrheal and contact transmitted disease like SarsCovid2. As well as awareness raising in schools and communities, with a device that anyone can use.



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